Please make the "buttons" full size

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Please make the "buttons" full size

by fovealsystems » Mon Oct 06, 2008 3:42 pm

I use Linux, which might have something to do with this.

Say I'm on the Inventory menu in the Modern style, with the available buttons on the left.
If I move the mouse into the Add New Item area, the background turns gray. I would assume that means if I click I will get that action. But it does not mean that. I have to put the cursor over the Big Plus icon or over the words to make the text turn black.
THEN if I click I get taken to that screen.

Suggestion: Make the entire background of the button clickable when the background turns gray. That makes navigation much easier.

Mike Bianchi

Re: Please make the "buttons" full size

by admin » Wed Oct 15, 2008 8:12 am

Thanks for the suggestion.
admin Site Admin  

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