NolaPro is a great program!

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NolaPro is a great program!

by admin » Wed Nov 28, 2007 10:44 am

Hi Guys!

Just had to email you to say what a great program NolaPro is and the online help etc is first class.

But could you do the same for the Shopping Cart? For example, how to customize it etc.

Michael S
admin Site Admin  

by npsupport » Wed Nov 28, 2007 12:45 pm

The Shopping Cart that comes along with NolaPro is based on a 3rd-party open source software program that we modified to work with NolaPro. This means that, unlike NolaPro, the source code for the Shopping Cart is accessible. You are free to modify it in any way you'd like. Keep in mind though that the Shopping Cart source code (excluding images) will be overwritten each time you do an update of NolaPro. Therefore, if you make any customizations, you will need to reapply those changes. One good way to get started is to right click on any images you'd like to change, and then select to view image properties. This will show you the file name and location of the graphic. You can replace this image with one of your own, and then refresh your browser to see the results.

We aim to make NolaPro as easy to use as possible so that business owners can quickly get up and running and begin realizing the cost savings achievable from switching to a free enterprise software system. We will continually be adding more online help resources for all areas of NolaPro. Thank you for your suggestion to see more coverage of the Shopping Cart. There will be more help available for the Shopping Cart in the near future. You might be interested to know that we are currently developing an API for NolaPro that will greatly facilitate building bridges to ecommerce solutions other than our own Shopping Cart.
NolaPro Support Department

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