B2B on Server 2003

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B2B on Server 2003

by sonicigc » Tue Aug 12, 2008 11:22 am

Hi all,

Firstly, i have been using standard accounting systems for years, thought i would give Nolapro ago, and I must say, it by far out performs every other piece of software I have used.

I have Nola installed on my businesses Windows 2003 server, and want to make the B2B module accessible by the outside world. Simply put, I want a link on my remotely hosted website that will allow my B2B users to connect to my local server just for that module.

I am inexperienced when it comes to webservers and was hoping someone could give me some pointers. I have the following;

Windows 2003 Server (Enterprise Edition)
Nolapro installed from its default windows msi
an ASUS WL600g router

Please please help me!

Thanking you all in advance


Re: B2B on Server 2003

by npsupport » Tue Aug 12, 2008 2:18 pm

You may want to read through this document to get a general idea of how you might tackle this: http://nolapro.com/np_windows_internet.pdf.

If you'd like some more specific assistance with this we can help guide you further under our installation assistance plan (https://ecom.nolapro.com/product_info.p ... ucts_id/39).
NolaPro Support Department

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