Custom Code Hooks and API

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Custom Code Hooks and API

by ksc133 » Tue Jul 22, 2008 6:53 am

hi admin,

i login your demo site.

but i can't find the access to Custom Code Hooks and API.
i just want to test how the 2 modules works?

cos we may need to extend the base program to suit our needs.
by the way the
1)edit custom fields
2) site branding great! :lol:


Re: Custom Code Hooks and API

by npsupport » Thu Jul 24, 2008 11:17 am

Unfortunately, you are not able to test the Custom Code Hooks from the demo site because it would involve putting your PHP code files on our server to be executed. For security reasons we don't allow this. After purchasing and activating this add-on you will be able to run your own code during any of the listed NolaPro events. The Custom Code Hooks Guide walks you through how to set this up.

As for an API demo, you can view some basic documentation and a few examples by downloading

With this demo API code you can run the pages apigltest.php and apitest.php to see how data flows in and out of NolaPro. The URL for the site is The test files are already set up to transact with that site. You'll just need to put the test files on a server running PHP 5 and then open them up in a browser. Data sent here feeds into the site, so you can check results there. You can ignore for now the sections that talk about how to set the API up on your server, since you won't be tackling that quite yet. The example files will give you an idea of how the transactions back and forth will work.
NolaPro Support Department

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