4 requests for customization, or to be in next update

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4 requests for customization, or to be in next update

by Lisa Barr » Tue Feb 12, 2008 7:03 pm

I've been using NOLA Pro for the last year and have found the following things that need to be addressed.

1) The 1st is a systemic change.

All the data entered by a user is "tagged" (for lack of a better word) by the DATE POSTED ON instead of TRANSACTION DATE. Transaction date is changeable. Date posted on, is not.

If you change a date (either a TRANSACTION DATE or a VOUCHER DATE or a DATE ENTERED..whatever) all of the information tied to that transaction should change as well.

There are many instances where you need a transaction to be IN the month you request (eg: Inventory, Bank Account Reconcilliation)

The fact that you tie all your transactions to the DATE POSTED ON date makes everything a mess. You can't EVER get a month to balance, you can't ever get inventory units to balance on a specific date, etc.

This HAS to change.

2) You have got to start providing documentation that tells, not only the mechanics of HOW to do a transaction, but also tells WHAT happens when you do it.

I can never get the global view of what is happening in NOLA because you NEVER tell me what is happening. Therefore, after using the program for a year, I am still confused as to how to fix problems as they occur.

Your support/help files SUCK. You need to tell us what goes on "behind the scene" when I make a transaction

an example would go something like this:

When you Adjust your inventory to match what you physically have on the shelf, you do the following [perform the steps listed in the help files]

When you do this the following will take place within NOLA
a) your Inventory Asset Account will be modified. If you Added an item, it will increase, if you deducted an item, it will decrease. These changes will show up based upon the DATE POSTED ON (see above post!!!!!!!!!!!)

b) Your Inventory Lost Account (asset) will either increase or decrease based upon your transaction
The date the $$ are deducted/added can be changed from within the General Ledger.

c) Your COST OF GOOD SOLD account will either increase or decrease based upon your transaction

d) The Quantity On Hand will either increase or decrease based upon your transaction, but will only show on the Inventory Unit Activity Report in the month the transaction was POSTED ON. (again see #1) You will not be able to change the date in which the transaction occured.

3) You need better cross references. I spend countless hours, with numerous windows open trying to cross reference transactions, and it should be much easier.

An example of this is in the Invoice Summary Report. Nowhere on this report does it list the order the invoice was based on, however, you need this information constantly.

Another example would be in the Inventory Adjustment module. When you check an adjustment from the General Ledger, you can see a Voucher #, but you have no idea which part was adjusted. If you could drill down on the Voucher # to see the Inventory Adjustment window, this would help

Also, you should be able to do an Inventory Adjustment report showing the Voucher number, so you have some sort of cross reference

4) You need to change the way information is downloaded, or exported from NOLA to a spreadsheet program, like Excel or Open Office. The biggest reason for downloading a report is because the user needs to manipulate the data contained in the report. However, When you EXPORT any report from NOLA you have to go through a zillion steps before the data can be manipulated.
All reports should output into a CSV type format
1 Data Lable per column
1 data entry per line

As it is now, when you download a report, it shows up in Excel (or Open Office) as an HTML file. Before you can manipulate any data you have to COPY the entire page, OPEN a new worksheet, PASTE SPECIAL the contents of the clipboard (VALUES ONLY). Then, because you put more than one data lable in a column, you spend the next hour cutting a pasting everything into individual columns, then you have to format the $ columns, then format the date columns, then delete all the 12:00AM crap.

Another reason I download reports is because I find the reports within NOLA to be unreadable.

Look at your Summary of Invoices.


Now look at the Summary of Invoices from Peachtree.


Peachtree's is much more readable. And when it is exported to Excel, I can sort it by Invoice #, Date, Customer Name, Amount, PO or Sales order.

Also in Peachtree, I can choose other things to add on to the report making it even more useful.

Please help on these 4 things. I am getting more frustrated by the day using Nola .

You can tell it is a company of computer software writers, and not a place that does accounting. Most of these things would already be taken care of, if you had to use your product everyday, as I do.

Thanks for listening.

Lisa Barr  

by admin » Wed Feb 13, 2008 10:16 am

We'd like to thank you for your inquiry. Your comments have been taken under consideration for future versions of NolaPro. Remember that unlike PeachTree and similar software applications, NolaPro is available at no cost.

Note that while you found areas in the software that you found personally difficult, we strive to make the software diverse enough for multiple industries and generic enough for use by persons of all skill levels.

Thanks again for your suggestions.
admin Site Admin  

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