Restore local backup to Nolapro Own Hosted Server

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Restore local backup to Nolapro Own Hosted Server

by ojobello » Wed Aug 19, 2009 1:55 pm

I have just successfully installed nolapro on my linux server. As I plan to offer a hosted service to my customers, I have successfully setup sub-domains and pointed this to my main domain where nolapro is running. So if I go to, the user is pointed to nolapro files but working with their unique database which was set through Hosting Manager.

Before now, I was running this sub-domain as a company on a local Windows Desktop. I need to move this company data now to my webserver. Normally, I should just copy or restore my backup but with my setup, all the sub-domains I setup will use the same nolapro files. How do I restore indidivual client backups from a local machine to this hosted server?

Please help as this is crucial in moving several of my existing nolapro and non-nolapro users to a hosted service running on my linux web server.

Re: Restore local backup to Nolapro Own Hosted Server

by admin » Fri Sep 04, 2009 11:46 am

All of the hosted-client-specific data is contained in each database. You don't need to copy over anything other than that. You may want to look in the uploads folder for each client you want to transfer as we do still store company logos and item graphics here, but if you don't use those then you won't need to transfer them.
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