ionCube PHP Loader requirement

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ionCube PHP Loader requirement

by plausible » Sat Jan 02, 2010 4:41 pm

I'm evaluating NolaPro Enterprise Version 4.0.5185 under a 1and1 shared hosting package with limited access to php settings. Most functions seem to work as expected, but if I click on Shopping > Shopping Cart > Administration, I see the message:
Code: Select allSite error: the file /homepages/nn/dnnnnnnnnn/htdocs/accnt/includes/defines.php requires the ionCube PHP Loader to be installed by the site administrator.

I have attempted to follow 1and1's instructions to enable ioncube as well as ioncube's instructions for run-time loading. In addition to the ioncube directory (/accnt/ioncube, in my case) that comes along with NolaPro, I also have a root (DocumentRoot) level /ioncube directory with the same contents. If I browse ioncube-loader-helper.php from the root ioncube directory, I see the ioncube success page including the message:
Code: Select allAn ionCube encoded file has been loaded successfully.
Encoded files should now function correctly.

Oddly (I think), if I browse ioncube-loader-helper.php from NolaPro's ioncube directory, I see:
Code: Select allThe loading of ionCube encoded files is not currently working correctly on this server.

Any ideas would be appreciated.

Thank you!

Re: ionCube PHP Loader requirement

by npsupport » Wed Jan 13, 2010 9:01 am

Try removing the ioncube directory that came with NolaPro so it will use the one already set up on the server.
NolaPro Support Department

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